Child Abuse Prevention Partnership

Tse Daa K’aan Chapter
UNM Child Abuse Prevention Partnership


Tse Daa K’aan Chapter was selected to be one of the ten New Mexico Communities to host this important awareness event, we are collaborating with UNM Child Abuse Prevention Partnership (UNM NM-CAPP) with a statewide 5K Walk and Run, that is held here at Tse Daa K’aan Chapter (formerly Hogback Chapter).

Tse Daa K’aan Community has approximately 1400+ people and is located on the North Side of West Highway 64 Milepost 27, in San Juan County, New Mexico. For the past two years, we had our 5k Walk and Run to prevent Child Abuse Awareness for our community, in order to improve our community for the benefit of health, wellness and harmony for families and parent(s) by developing successful youth leaders, and involving of other communities. The various ways to strengthen a community is by traditional healing or other forms of healing for our children, families and communities.

Therefore, we’d like to see our community be the influence for other communities to be more active by nurturing families with culture, education, support and wellness to build strong families in the area. To be able to succeed in seeing what change could do for our community, it takes leadership, resources, participation and dedication. As a local government we need to let our community members know how important our community is with them being part of awareness, because our children and their children are our future.